Is RTP Token a Good Investment?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has attracted many cryptocurrency investors with its low fees and speedy transactions. Binance achieves this through proof-of-stake consensus, something that won’t be on Ethereum until ETH2. Ethereum transaction fees have gotten extremely expensive, pricing out many retail investors from using the network.

Many new tokens have gained traction on Binance Smart Chain, like PancakeSwap and SafeMoon. New tokens are made every day, presenting an opportunity for investors to get in early to new cryptocurrencies on BSC.

RetirementPlan – $RTP token is similar to SafeMoon, but it provides extra benefits to token holders.

What is $RTP?

RetirementPlan, $RTP is a new Defi token on the Binance Smart Chain.

The token, $RTP, categorizes itself as a yield farming and liquidity generation token. Yield farming is a term used to describe earning extra cryptocurrency through interest, which $RTP token does through taxing those who sell their tokens. It’s also a liquidity generation token, as a portion of investors’ tokens is sent to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool upon sale of their tokens.

Though terms like liquidity generation and yield farming may entice some cryptocurrency investors to buy into $RTP, these tokenomics closely resemble the economics of a pyramid scheme. The platform incentivizes investors to hold their tokens; the longer an investor holds their tokens, the more rewards they receive.

In a similar fashion to SafeMoon, when an investor sells their $RTP tokens, they will be taxed 3% of their holdings. 3% of this tax is sent to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool; another 3% is redistributed to token holders in Binance Coin (BNB). The last 2% is redistributed to marketing.

Whereas you’ll only earn SafeMoon tokens through SafeMoon’s tokenomics, you can also earn BNB with $RTP tokens. Since BNB is less volatile than these other tokens, most investors would prefer to be paid in BNB than $RTP tokens.

Is $RTP Token a Good Investment?

From a fundamental perspective, $RTP token isn’t a very strong investment. However, the token is extremely new, and it plans on adding features to its platform in the coming months. If investors continue to adopt PancakeSwap as their DEX of choice, $RTP token may continue to appreciate in value.