Mekotio financial Trojan targets cryptocurrencies

ESET professionals have actually advised of a rise in the task of the Mekotio Trojan, focused on taking cryptocurrencies. Formerly, the malware took the targets’ financial institution information.

As soon as on the target’s tool, Mekotio keeps track of the websites seen by the internet browser. If the target logs right into any one of the on the internet financial institutions of rate of interest to cybercriminals, the malware will certainly present a phony login home window. User-entered qualifications are sent out to the remote web server.

Mekotio can change cryptocurrency budget addresses. If the target determines to move funds and also downloads the budget number from the clipboard, the Trojan will certainly transform the address of the recipient of the funds, and also they will certainly be sent out to the cyberpunk.

The Trojan spreads with social design. Attackers send out phishing e-mails with the sender camouflaged as a widely known company or federal government company.

A harmful web link is put in the body of messages, by clicking which the customer downloads a zip archive with the.msi installer. If the target unzips and also mounts it, the Mekotio assault will certainly achieve success.

Mekotio financial Trojan targets cryptocurrencies 2 Phases of Mekotio Trojan infectionTo secure versus Trojan infection, ESET advises that you do not download and install add-ons from unidentified senders, do not click dubious web links, and also upgrade your software program frequently.

As a tip, in February, cyberpunks changed the Cerberus Trojan infection that obstructs single passwords from the Google Authenticator application.

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