MetaMask Diversifies From Desktop, Introduces New Mobile Wallet –

The latest reposts show that the popular Ethereum (ETH) browser wallet MetaMask has launched a mobile app targeting both Android and iOS. MetaMask users can now manage their crypto wallets, sign messages, store non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play blockchain-powered games from their mobile devices.

Notably, users of the wallet’s desktop browser extension can import their whole transaction history to their MetaMask Mobile by scanning a QR code. ConsenSys developed and released MetaMask four years ago. The platform came with a design exclusive for a Firefox and Chrome extension the entire time. It has so far registered four million downloads.

ConsenSys says that MetaMask Mobile will simplify the process to start using decentralized ‘Web3’ applications. Users in up to 34 countries can buy Ether directly in the mobile app using Apple Pay, debit cards, and many other local payment strategies. MetaMask founder, Dan Finlay, said:

“We are thrilled to provide a browsing experience purpose-built for decentralized applications, and allow users to seamlessly sync with their desktop MetaMask accounts.”

Consensys launched the beta version of MetaMask Mobile in late 2019. It rapidly attracted an oversubscribed user base of 135,000. The mobile app features a built-in web browser that comes with features to enhance the security of Web3 users. It enabled passwords and keys to be generated directly on a user’s device instead of over the internet.

Joseph Lubin, the Ethereum co-creator and ConsenSys founder, said:

“What smartphones have done for Web2, we believe MetaMask Mobile will do for Web3.”

ConsenSys said that it has also acquired J.P. Morgan’s private enterprise version of Ethereum, Quorum.

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