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On September 20, 2021, the Swiss Blog post made a main statement regarding the upcoming launch of the “Swiss crypto stamp.” The Swiss crypto stamp is an electronic antique that is incorporated with a physical stamp that is provided by the post office worth around 8.9 Swiss francs.

The nationwide post office of Switzerland is presently functioning to get rid of the space in between physical stamps as well as the electronic crypto field by presenting these tradable electronic stamps.

Records show that this crypto stamp will certainly supply an electronic depiction for a physical stamp as well as it will certainly be saved on a blockchain system. The electronic antique will certainly be connected to a typical physical stamp that will certainly be provided by the Swiss Blog post. A speaker informed press reporters:

” Each layout develops a nonfungible token as well as is saved in the Polygon Blockchain.”

Customers can uncover an electronic double of their physical stamp online using a QR code published beside the physical stamp. Significantly, the crypto stamp’s photo reveals among 13 feasible layouts as well as might be accumulated, traded, as well as traded essentially, according to the Swiss Blog post.

A rep claimed that individuals can trade as well as market their crypto stamps on systems like the significant nonfungible token (NFT) industry OpenSea. The agent commented:

” Swiss Blog post just offers the Swiss crypto stamp, trading with it happens individually from Swiss Blog post.”

The honest Swiss crypto stamp will ultimately supply an experience that is rather comparable to NFTs given that a few of the electronic stamps will certainly feature an uncommon layout. The Blog post created:

” Some are much more usual, while others are much rarer as well as much more desirable. There are 65,000 duplicates of one of the most usual electronic layout, however simply 50 of the rarest. One point is clear: the Swiss crypto stamp indicates accumulating, trading, as well as trading stamps has actually gone electronic, also.”

The Swiss crypto stamp is set up to release on November 25 with 175,000 stamps being dispersed to picked Swiss Blog post branches. Based upon the main statement, the crypto stamp will certainly come to be the initial stamp of its kind ever before produced as well as dispersed in Switzerland.

Switzerland is, nonetheless, not the initial nation to trying out blockchain modern technology to supply Swiss electronic stamp antiques. In May 2021, Austria’s post office highlighted its prepare for integrating NFC contribute its Crypto Stamp 3.0, the 3rd version of its limited-edition nonfungible token shipping stamp collectible collection. Austria revealed its first-ever cryptocurrency stamp in 2019.

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