Will An Ascending Trendline Deliver a Return of Altcoin Apocalypse?

Altcoins throughout the crypto market have been outperforming Bitcoin by a big margin. The development kicked off whereas the first-ever cryptocurrency traded sideways – one thing analysts say is the very best atmosphere for altcoin dominance to thrive.

However simply as Bitcoin’s consolidation section has ended, the overall altcoin market cap has run into robust ascending trendline resistance. May a rejection right here carry a return to the altcoin apocalypse?

Alt Season Causes High Crypto To Outperform Bitcoin By Extra Than Double The ROI

Bitcoin is up over 60% yr so far. In the meantime, its subsequent closest competitor and prime altcoin Ethereum is up properly over 200% throughout the identical time interval. When different cryptocurrencies outperform Bitcoin for an prolonged timeframe, its known as an altcoin season.

The crypto hasn’t had one among these phases for over a yr, till lately. Previous to the present altcoin season, the choice cryptocurrencies spent most of 2019 within the gutter. Bitcoin’s explosive parabolic rally left alts in its mud.

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However after an additional yr of drawdown, these identical battered and overwhelmed belongings are recovering a lot quicker in 2020 than the first-ever cryptocurrency has. After topping out in early 2019, Bitcoin’s dominance brought about an altcoin apocalypse, prompting widespread capitulation within the asset class.

Alts made a robust restoration in early 2020, however concern surrounding the pandemic brought about the belongings to double-bottom this March. Since then, most altcoins are up one hundred percent or extra. Some, have grown a number of hundred % because the begin of the yr, equivalent to Chainlink, Band, and quite a few DeFi tokens.

However in accordance with an ascending trendline and up to date rejection, highly effective resistance might carry a return to the altcoin apocalypse earlier than issues lastly enhance.

altcoin ascending trendline alt season bitcoin btc dominance weekly

TOTAL 2 Alt Market Cap Weekly Ascending Trendline | Supply: TradingView

Altcoin Apocalypse To Return, In accordance To Ascending Trendline, BTC Dominance

Assist and resistance can exist horizontally, or diagonally, following a trendline. Trendlines might be ascending or descending, with most downtrends being locked inside a descending trendline appearing as robust resistance.

As soon as that downtrend line breaks, nevertheless, there’s typically an explosive rally as we’ve witnessed all throughout the crypto market. Nevertheless, trendlines will also be ascending, and whereas these typically act as assist, they can also act as highly effective resistance.

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That’s precisely what could also be placing a cease proper now to the current altcoin rally, in accordance with the overall crypto market cap sans Bitcoin. Bitcoin dominance has been signaling a robust reversal within the metric that weighs the first-ever crypto towards the remainder fo the business.
altcoin ascending trendline alt season bitcoin btc dominance monthly

TOTAL 2 Alt Market Cap Month-to-month Ascending Trendline | Supply: TradingView

It could have been an early warning that alt season was over, and an alt apocalypse was about to start. This identical trendline acted as the highest in 2019 and could also be doing so as soon as once more. An analogous ascending trendline is seen on each month-to-month and weekly timeframes, drawn throughout completely different peaks and troughs over the previous couple of years of the bear market.

The trendline at this level is clearly legitimate, however will it proceed to maintain alts at bay some time longer?

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